What My Clients Have to Say

I’ve met with Tressia on several occasions. Her coaching is always on point! She shares wisdom from a place of compassion and experience. The tools she has given me make sense and have purpose! I felt she truly wanted me living in spiritual and emotional health. She’s definitely in tune with the Holy Spirit and I appreciate how that is felt through her coaching style.
— Priscilla, Schererville, IN
I have known Tressia for a little over a year, since I met her my life has changed dramatically. Before I met her I was Christian, but a broken and lost one. I heard her speak at a woman’s class and immediately knew that God would use her to help me. I went through a process of inner healing and deliverance under Tressia’s leadership, and all I have to say about that is she knows what she is doing! She has coached me in areas of boundaries and has empowered me to discover and live in my true identity. Since our time together, I can honestly say I am free and full of joy! Through God, she has led me to the place where I found the keys to freedom.
— Veronica, Hammond, IN
I have only known Tressia for about 6 months, but man, does it feel like I’ve known her forever. She has such a welcoming and loving spirit. When I first spoke with her, I felt so comfortable sharing areas of my life with her and her wisdom was so on point and exactly what I needed. The way she shares her experiences, her understanding of emotional & spiritual health, and the Word of God, has really helped to move me forward in my life. I still have work to do and when I approach her with it she’s ready to help me, but she’s also ready to hold me accountable and make me aware that if this is what I want, I have to be 100 percent in it as well. I love that!
— Cynthia, Hammond, IN
Working with Tressia has been so beneficial for me. She is more than a coach, she is remarkable and comes to you with deep knowledge and a sincere heart. She operates from a place of authenticity and has the sincerest passion for what she does.
— Joyce, Hobart, IN
Until I met with Tressia, I was having difficulty finding someone who could help me. She has deep knowledge in many different areas and has a lot of spiritual wisdom, especially in the area of deliverance and inner healing that helped me gain understanding of how our body/soul/spirit connection work together. If you are looking for freedom in areas that have been difficult and complicated, I highly recommend coaching with Tressia.
— Karina, Hammond, IN
Tress has helped me walk through many painful areas of my life. She is very relatable and has the ability to make complex things simple. I came to her when I was struggling with grief over the loss of my mom. I was also dealing with a lot of self hate that led me into long hours of self pity and not being productive. These things held me back from functioning well in daily life and I wasn’t changing even though I was trying different things to make me feel better.
Through prayer and spiritual coaching, Tress helped me see the root and address the heart issue that was causing my actions. She also connected me with the right resources and held me accountable to moving out of negative habits. I can confidently say she has helped me become a woman who loves myself and sees myself as a beautiful daughter of God.
— Jasmin, Hammond, IN
Tressia has played a huge part in my life. The first time I entered her home, I immediately felt peaceful and she welcomed me with open arms and a warm embrace. In my life, I struggled with a lot of hurts and even struggled in my spiritual walk. However, Tressia has always spoken loving but firm truth to me and held me accountable to live up to my potential. I am thankful for this woman of God and for her style of coaching that has helped me in my life.
— Briana, Griffith, IN
I’ve known Tress for a few years. She is a very compassionate person, always ready to listen and help you see things in a positive way. When you first meet her, you will feel as if you have known her all your life!! Her soft spoken voice and godly experience will help you in so many different areas of your life. I am a stronger person because she has walked me through some tough moments in life! She is a beautiful soul who knows how to help!
— Sol, Hammond, IN