About Me

I’m so glad you are here. For more than a decade I have coached women in many areas of life including, but not limited to, emotional health, painful pasts, boundaries, time management, gaining vision, identifying priorities, setting goals, understanding the benefits of accountability and the effects of toxic relationships, identifying unhealthy family patterns, and much more.


I have coached women in a variety of places; my home, my church, a crisis pregnancy center and a homeless shelter.  I believe we are created body, soul and spirit. I have a great understanding of how all three parts work together for our wholeness.

I have taught inner healing and freedom classes. These have empowered women to obtain the tools necessary to create new, healthy patterns of thinking so that they can advance their decision making skills. 

I coach out personal experience.  My style is comfortable, confidential, and lovingly direct.   My relationships with my clients are safe, personal, honest and rewarding.

I have been married over 22 years to my handsome high school sweetheart. I have an incredible, strong-willed son who has made my life as a mom my greatest adventure.   I live in a small home that’s big in love. I have two dogs who bring us constant laughter.  I am a committed leader in a local church and I have a wonderful circle of close extended family and friends.

My passions are Jesus, family, freedom and inner healing, empowering women and speaking life. I’m a huge fan of nature, bonfires, simplicity, laughter, rest, hiking, coca-cola  and tattoos. Fun facts:   I used to have white and purple hair. I love Starbucks non-coffee drinks, Mexican food, massages and bath bombs. My life word is: Intentional.